* Solitaire Double-Deck HD * app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 2139 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Casino
Developer: e4 software
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Current version: 2.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Jan 2012
App size: 257.06 Mb

Ranked #1 in 30 Countries under Casino Games!

THREE GAMES IN ONE!!! (Klondike, Double-Deck & Half-Deck Solitaire)
"It stands out in the crowd." 9/10 (alphadigits.com)
"This app is a SURPRISING EXCEPTION…" 9.5/10 (Gamespot.com)
"a must have for any Solitaire player." 10/10 (app-score.com)

Discover the evolution of solitaire with next generation graphics and ease of use. This is a card game unlike any other you have ever experienced.

So easy to use, this is the LAST Solitaire game you will every play on your iPad or iPhone. Solitaire Double-Deck HD has been built specifically for your iPhone and iPad to bring you the best card game experience ever and for you to fall in love with it over and over again. Once you play Solitaire Double-Deck HD, you will not be able to play any other solitaire game out there!

Solitaire Double-Deck HD contains full resolution backgrounds and cards for your retina display to take full advantage of your iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and 5s, and all others. This is truly an HD experience. The backgrounds and cards have been specifically designed for us by world-renowned and award-wining artists to enhance your card game experience. Just take a look at the screens and you will see what we mean.

With the "Quick-Touch" feature, you simply tap a card and it will magically be placed at the right spot, or when you prefer, you can use our enhanced drag-and-drop to move a card or a stack of cards to any valid place.

With Solitaire Double-Deck HD, you also get all the features that you would expect from a first class card game, such as:

- Klondike game rules
- Landscape and Portrait orientation play
- Draw-1, Draw-2, Draw-3 games
- Right and left handed game layout
- Drag destination highlighting
- Suggested move auto hint
- Intelligent Hints
- Automatic game save and resume
- Multiple levels of undo
- Tap to place cards
- Drag and drop cards
- Auto-complete
- Double-Tap to auto complete
- Multiple Scoring Modes
- Move counter and Timed games
- Game statistics
- Stunning Custom Graphics designed by World-Renowned Artists
- Support for Retina Display
- Intuitive Controls
- Online and local game scoring
- Online achievements (get them all)
- Extreme-SPEED Mode
- Unique Themes
- Custom Sounds
- Customizable Theme
- ALL Device Orientations
- and many more... too many to list.

For any questions, write us at contact@e4software.com

WEB: www.e4software.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/e4software
TWITTER: @e4software

Pros and cons of * Solitaire Double-Deck HD * app for iPhone and iPad

* Solitaire Double-Deck HD * app good for

Love the crystal clear graphics. Fun to play. My only suggestion would be to have an auto-finish option.
This is a great solitaire game. Good graphics, lots of options (including switching the deck to the top right corner), auto-move features. The only downside is that it will kill your battery. On an iPad 3 it drains the battery 1% every 3 minutes.
This app has beautiful graphics, it moves fast and is addictive!!!!
I was trying too find a double deck Klondike solitaire game and this one is perfect,great graphics as well.If you like solitaire and a fun challenge you cant go wrong with this.
Really enjoyed this app after I purchased it. And then they did an upgrade and love it even more. The automatic features are wonderful. Well worth purchasing.........
Great game very addictive but would like to see the scores of other players

Some bad moments

Stay away until the company can assure potential buyers that the product doesnt perma-crash. I bought it, and have tried about 20 times to get it to play, but it crashes every single time during the rotating cards second screen animation. Caveat Emptor. Sorry to have to say this, but, come on...get the bugs out before you go live, E4.
First game: crash after 10-15 moves Second game: same thing....
Ive never played Solitaire before I downloaded this app a few weeks ago. I like the game, but I really dont have a clue how it is scored and really dont care, because for now, I find Solitaire perfect for passing time. When I play, I just try to stack the cards in their suit top stack as fast as I can. Heres my problem, I now think the app is too predictable and this makes it really boring and annoying. Dont get me wrong, the interface in this game is by far my favourite and the game play is quick, but there is something off with the shuffle algorithm. More often than not, when I move a stack of cards, the card that flips up is the same as the top/bottom card of the stack I moved, just a different suit. If it isnt, it is the same as the top/bottom card in another stack. Usually the one next to it. If there isnt anything wrong with the shuffle, I should buy a Lotto ticket, because this is what people usually say they will do, when strange things like this happen. Ive downloaded a bunch of other apps to try out, just in case this one doesnt work out.
Wanted something fun to pass the time that didnt stink. This did the job and more. Pleasantly surprised, didnt expect to enjoy a solitaire game this much.
Very addictive game. Once you get started very hard to put Dow.
Same as before. I keep accidentally restarting the game as I am left handed and my knuckle keeps hitting the new game button. Game Should ask if I want to restart!